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Five times (Of Many) that Choi Young Thought of Kissing Eun Soo
Title: Five Times (of many) that Choi Young Thought of Kissing Eun Soo.......One time (of many) That he did.
Fandom: Faith
Characters: Choi Young/Eun Soo
Genre: Fluff with some angst
Warnings: SMOOCHING! And my pitiful attempts at writing *Sobs* And fluff...LOTS AND LOTS OF FLUFF! It looks like I murdered some stuffed animals. That is how fluffy it it is. And overused tropes are overused. 
Author Notes: Dedicated to joonni And all the wonderful readers at Joonni's site Scattered Jooni! Thank you so much for spazzing about Faith with me and not killing me!
Disclaimer: I dont own any of the characters in this fiction. They belong to their respective owners.(BUT YOU KNOW IF I DID THERE WOULD BE NAKED LEE MINHO FOR EVERYONE!) All mistakes and OOC'ness in mine. 

Enter at your own riskCollapse )

So there we go. First Kdrama fic. Do I need to commit suicide now and never write anything again? Or can I continue to torture everyone with my writing since I do have a few other things planned. And no comments or reviews are necessary but cuddles and cookies always appreciated!